For Companies

We can develop for you a Corporate website or a CRM system.
We'll help you to determine the necessary functionality of your website and provide for your project the necessary quantity of professional developers.

For IT Studios

With our help, you may achieve scalability of your business.
Doesn't matter how many programmers you do need, we will connect them ASAP to your project. We will constantly monitor their progress and will help them in the event of unforeseen difficulties.
This is out stack of technologies:

  • PHP Frameworks: Yii1/2, Laravel
  • NodeJs: ExpressJs, KeystoneJS, React, Vue.js
  • Other: MySql, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, Memcached

Web-site development

We produce development websites by PHP7 or JavaScript (NodeJS ES6). In both cases we'll select technology by tasks context or site features.

The whole development process is divided into small stages (weekly sprint), for each of stage we create a new working functional. Weekly, we will review with you all tasks that has already been done and appraise the relevance of the remain tasks. The most priority of the remaining ones will going to next "sprint".
At the end of the development, we will help you host your new site on hosting (VDS / DS) and register a domain name.

Online payments integration

We can help you for integrate Paypal to your site. We are sure, that not only Paypal. Just ask us about payment service which you need and we'll try to help you.

Development CRM/Frameworks extensions

We can develop extensions for different systems. Just describe the essence of extension to us and we'll try to solve your task.

Development new features

If your website already exists but you need for a new functionality then we'll help to develop it. We'll analyze code of your website and determine how to implement your task.

Code refactoring

Sometimes it happens that after release a website it begins work slowly and slowly.
We'll help to identify the problems and by your consent, fix them. Also we'll write for you a list of recommendations for optimizing the code.

Code audit

Some other IT company developed a website for you. But you aren't sure about quality and security of code.
That not a problem, we can do an audit of your site and will write a report of any detected problems. The most critical problems we'll fix immediately.
Other not critical problems may fix the company the developed a website for you.

What we do NOT do?

We do not want to mislead anyone about our opportunities.
At the moment we do not accept everything related to RoR (Ruby) and Wordpress.
Thank you for understanding! ^.^